Melanie Yost

Yost Family Insurance LLC is owned and operated Melanie Yost and Lindsay (Yost) Bartnick. We sell property and casualty insurance for DeSmet Farm Mutual Insurance Company.

Ed and Melanie Yost originally started the insurance business in 2011.  Due to illness, Ed was no longer able to continue working and Lindsay joined the Yost Family Insurance business in 2016. She is also a crop insurance agent, working for Groton Ag Service.

     Lindsay Bartnick

Growing up in the New Effington, Claire City and Rosholt areas, we knew that this area would be the best place to raise our two daughters, Kristin and Lindsay.  We have been blessed with two grandchildren – Olivia and Jay – and they are also are being raised on the farm.
Supplementing the farming back in the 80’s was a necessity, resulting in both of us to seek employment off the farm. Our earlier experience include: farm equipment sales, crop adjusting, government field work, banking, telecommunications, technology and conservation.